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WP Smart Security is a comprehensive, easy to use, stable and well featured WordPress security plugin. WordPress itself is a very secure platform. However, P Smart Security gives you over 40+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. It helps to add some extra security and firewall to your site by using a security plugin that enforces a lot of good security practices.

Secure Accounts

Protect 'Brute Force Attack' with Lockdown feature. Set which level of users on your site (admins, editors, users, etc.) need to have strong passwords. Make certain IP and bot blacklist.

Database Backup

Identify files or folders which have permission settings which are not secure and set the permissions. Easily backup your original .htaccess and wp-config.php and other files in case you will need to restore.

Firewall Functionality

This plugin allows you to easily add a lot of firewall protection to your site via htaccess file. An htaccess file is processed by your web server before any other code on your site and it will stop malicious script(s)


Captcha, Anti Spam & Login Limitation

WP Smart Security protect website and your users from bots and other machines.

Captcha & Anti Spam

Procced your visitors to every form with captcha integration and protect the website from spamming on post and comment.

Login Limitation & Ban Users

Protect your user accounts from unwanted login intrusion and banned the black listed users and IPs.

Secure Admin, Directory & all Files

Securing your website admin, files and directory is most essential task you ever had. WP Smart Security does those works for you.

Secure Admin, Away Mode

Change your admin username and the user id. You can keep your website's front-end or back-end in away mode/maintenance mode.

Tweaking, Files and Directory

Protect website by system tweaking, by SSL protection, by intrusion detection and by harden access in files & directory.


WordPress is so popular that it powers 25% of the entire internet’s websites. Because of its popularity, WordPress sites become a target for a lot of hackers.

Awesome Plugin Features

WP Smart Security is the number one security and firewall plugin for WordPress.
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Captcha in Forms

Protect your website forcing user to have an captcha option in registration form, login form, comment form and other forms.

Anti Spam Protection

This plugin enables hidden empty field honeypot trap for spam bots. Bots and other scripts can never break your system.

Admin User

Mostly hackers try on your website's admin account, This plugin forces to change the admin username and the admin user ID.

Maintenance Mode

You can always send your website's status as maintenance mood. You can do it for both front-end and the back-end.

Content Directory

This plugin helps you to protect your content directories, where your themes, plugins and other files stored.

Files Protection

By continuous monitoring on your websites files for any changes happen this plugin protect your website files.

Database Backup

WP Smart Security will make regular backups of your WordPress database allowing you to get back online quickly. You can also create and email database backups on a customized schedule.

Database Prefix

WP Smart Security helps protects website database by changing the WordPress database table prefix.

Login Limitation

This plugin protects your user's accounts by forcing Login Limitation, continuous bot tries blocks the account.

Ban User

This feature allows you to ban hosts and user agents from your site completely using individual or groups of IP addresses as well as user agents without having to manage any configuration of your server.

IP Blacklist

You can block the blacklisted IP addresses by the excellent blacklist developed by Jim Walker of

Hide Back-end

The ``hide backend`` feature changes the URL from which you can access your WordPress backend thereby further obscuring your site to potential attackers.

Intrusion Detation

In every website are getting a large number of 404 errors. It assumes that a user who hits a lot of 404 errors in a short period of time is scanning for something and locks them out accordingly.

SSL Protection

Secure Socket Layers is a technology that is used to encrypt the data sent between your server or host and the visitor to your web page.

System Tweaking

Server tweaks make use of rewrite rules and, in the case of Apache or LiteSpeed, will write them to your .htaccess file.

Log File

This feature contains the logs generated by WP Smart Security, current lockouts and a way to cleanup the logs to save space on the server and reduce CPU load.

Continuous Update

We are always updating, developing and adding new features day by day. Once you purchase this plugin, you get the life time update and download with all updated features.

Unparalleled Support

We always try to make our clients happy. So we are providing continous and unparalleled supports to our customers.

Plugin Screenshots Gallery

WP Smart Security got awesome features and functionality.
You can have a look on the admin side management of this plugin.
You’ll have an advanture.

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